Our Story

The Story behind Villaggio Camping dell'Isola

Villaggio Camping dell'Isola was founded in 1968, fruit of an idea developed by the family’s forefather, Mario Volpe, when Marina di Camerota was still only a small seaside village.

A Family Inheritance

In his farsightedness, he envisaged a tourist accommodation facility which, although spartan, was, nonetheless, innovative for its time and place. Right from the outset, it was managed by the Volpe family, which still runs it today.

Commitment to Quality

Over time, especially with the arrival of the next generation of children, improvements and innovations were carried out continuously until the achievement of today’s standards, where dedication to work, customer care but, above all, enthusiasm and passion for hospitality, are appreciable.

A Professional yet Family Atmosphere

Over the years, as more and more guests have chosen to come back, a familiar yet professional atmosphere has been generated, with the in-house staff constantly present and the holiday becoming an opportunity to see friends and acquaintances once more, in a relaxing and restorative environment.

The Volpe family has, of course, grown over time, and the new arrivals are already focused on their medium- to long-term goal: to keep the vision of their dear “Grandpa Mario” alive, adding any modern features needed to keep Villaggio Camping dell'Isola abreast of the times, but without straying from local traditions and family.

The Wonders of the Cilento Coast

Marina di Camerota

Situated in the marvelous National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni, the splendid Marina di Camerota is a maritime fraction of the municipality of Camerota, an ancient village nestled behind Mount Bulgheria. Thanks to its crystalline waters on one side and the green hills embracing the horizon on the other, this location has become a sought-after seaside destination that attracts numerous tourists every year.